complete Wi-Fi coverage


We now offer Internet Service packages either monthly or daily for care facilities, hotels, resorts, and multi-family developments.

We offer the most reliable, secure, and comprehensive Wi-Fi systems on the market. 

We offer our systems all over North America, and have 24x7  tech support services. 

For developers or resort owners, you can share in monthly Internet subscription services.


Complete Enterprise WiFi systems, with remote management and remote support systems.  

Services include: 

 ~ Wi-Fi coverage map 

 ~ Wi-Fi Security assessment  

 ~ Wi-Fi improvement recommendations  

WiFi for Hospitality

A hotel with fast, free WiFi is almost a necessity for the always-on guest of today. 

According to the Roomzzz survey, A quarter of respondents said that they ignored the complimentary television and used the WiFi to watch online streaming services. 

65% of guests get online within seven minutes of checking in at a hotel. 

Providing a free, reliable and fast WiFi not only appeases guests', but it also enhances the overall experience. 




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